Equity &  

Social Inclusion 

For Marginalized Minorities

The East Coast Coalition for Tolerance and Non-Discrimination (ECC)

"I hope all of your volunteers realize how valuable your work is.  So crucial and valuable!"

Promoting Inclusion and Equity for Marginalized Minorities 

Minorities constantly face discrimination and marginalization in our society. They can be a target of discrimination due to their origin from a certain part of the world, their ethnicity or accent, or their resemblance to a certain ethnic background. These forms of discrimination are impacting social policy, both foreign and domestic.
Researches prove that the presence of such discrimination affects everyone. Whether black, white, Asian, Latino, or indigenous, this discrimination includes all races and genders. It is not limited to the United States. The East Coast Coalition for Tolerance and Non-Discrimination (ECC) is dedicated to combating minority marginalization through social action. 

— Chelsea Clinton on ECC



Objective 01

To advocate and push for social justice for minorities in our society, for everyone deserves an equal chance at a good life.

Objective 02

To raise awareness of minority inclusion by illustrating we are more alike than different and by exposing the injustice of racism and xenophobia.

​Our Objectives and Projects:

Objective 03

To present the solutions that defend the social equality for underprivileged minorities in legislative systems and society at large

Projects 01

To organize social justice projects that target social marginalization. For example, the "Name Equality for Minorities" project, promotes social inclusion for people with non-western names.

Projects 02

To reach out to elected officials to voice the significance of immigrant inclusion for our society as a whole, advocating for policies that reflect  legislative justice for all.

Projects 03

To organize academic discussions that share and discuss first-hand information on the harm of national origin discrimination. To let victims know that you are not alone.


Clinton Foundation Action Fund Global Awardee

ECC Health Care Access Equity for Minorities Project





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