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Equity &  
Social Inclusion 
For Marginalized Minorities

The East Coast Coalition for Tolerance and Non-Discrimination (ECC)

Chelsea Clinton on ECC 

"I hope all of your volunteers realize how valuable your work is. So crucial and valuable!"

“Thank you for encouraging young people to be involved! Thank you for what you’re doing!”

— 19th Canada Prime Minister

Promoting Inclusion and Equity for Marginalized Minorities 

ECC is a 501(c)(3) US-registered tax-exempt public charity (Tax ID 87-1305350). We are also a charity registered at the New York State Attorney General's Office (ID: 48-53-40). Founded in response to surging racism and xenophobia against immigrants and people of color in 2019, ECC mobilizes volunteers from across the US to carry out social equity projects and civil rights advocacy campaigns to combat bigotry. We are devoted to serving all disadvantaged groups: no one should ever experience social exclusion, discrimination, or violence because of the color of one's skin.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, ECC assisted over 87,000 minorities with language barriers in gaining equitable access to potentially life-saving medical care. ECC's efforts were featured on the front page of Fox 5 New York and recognized by Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.
ECC is also dedicated to speaking up against bigotry in any form and to raising public awareness of the need for minority inclusion. As part of our awareness campaign, ECC has interviewed 26th Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, 26th US National Security Advisor General H. R. McMaster (ret.), Nobel laureate Esther Duflo, and bestselling author Chelsea Clinton. Since the launch of Inclusion Advocate, ECC interviews and articles have been viewed by more than 5 million unique visitors.

​Our Objectives and Projects:

Objective 01

To advocate and push for social justice for minorities in our society, for everyone deserves an equal chance at a good life.

Objective 02

To raise awareness of minority inclusion by illustrating we are more alike than different and by exposing the injustice of racism and xenophobia.

Objective 03

To present the solutions that defend the social equality for underprivileged minorities in legislative systems and society at large

Action 01

To organize social justice projects that reduce social marginalization. For example, ECC's "Health Care Access Equity for Minorities" promotes inclusion for all vulnerable groups. 

Action 02

To lead advocacy efforts at all levels by reaching out to officials to voice the significance of minority inclusion. ECC strives to advocate for equal rights and fair treatment to all.

Action 03

To organize
discussions that share and discuss first-hand information on the harm of national origin discrimination. To let victims know that you are not alone.





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