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 Continents Reached

Fundraising and Donations for Charitable Causes

Donated to UNESCO to help rebuild the fire-ravaged Shuri Castle in Japan and to preserve other cultural sites from around the world

Donated to UN Refugee Agency to offer life-changing assistance to refugees, for all people, regardless of national origins, deserve respect


Source: Global Biodefense, Feb 2020

The ECC is deeply concerned about the people affected by this novel coronavirus originated in Hubei Province, one of the greatest public health crises faced by humanity in the 21st century. 

The Coalition specifically pays attention to hospitals in the epicenter of Hubei Province yet draw less public attention and donation than hospitals in Wuhan City. These hospitals still serve over 10 million Hubei people in less urbanized regions and they urgently need disease preventative equipment.

Huangshi Central Hospital, Hubei Province

No.2 Hospital in Mancheng City, Hubei Province

Suizhou Central Hospital, Hubei Province

Fundraised over $60,000 (¥41,796.5) and purchased over 2,300 N95 masks and other medical necessities to assist hospitals in the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The ECC strives to assist the disease control efforts by tens of thousands of medical working on the frontline against this virus for the wellbeing of not just China but the entire world.


The East Coast Coalition for Tolerance and Non-Discrimination would like to voice our deepest gratitude and respect for the doctors and nurses.


The East Coast Coalition's Receipt for the Purchase of Over 2,200 N95 Masks,

Over $30,000, not including transportation expenses

A Portion of the Medical Supplies Donated to Marginalized People

5 University Place, New York City, NY 10003

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