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Rescue Ukraine: Avoiding Scams with Watchdog Organizations that Verify Charity Data

Amid the global call to help the Ukrainian people, there are scam websites exploiting people's kindness and generosity. ECC is providing the following information for people on "watchdog" organizations that offer crucial information on the validity of charitable organizations.

Humanitarian aid group distributing food in Ukraine; Shimon Sabag

Your local television station and newspaper

ECC has recommended all our volunteers to support your local newspapers. During the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, local newspapers and television stations across the US have been reporting on locals organizing relief efforts for refugees. Local newspapers often offer up-to-date and effective information to identify the nearest relief efforts.

The Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance (BBB): Link

We have found BBB's Wise Giving Alliance to be an effective tool in verifying charity data when considering making donations. Founded in 1912, BBB is a nonprofit organization that focuses on fostering marketplace trust, consisting of 106 independently incorporated BBB entities in the US and Canada.

CharityWatch: Link

ECC has found CharityWatch's donation tips to be quite helpful in finding worthy causes and organizations. The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine deserves our most effective and precise action. Consider checking out data on CharityWatch before making donations.

GuideStar: Link

Similar to CharityWatch, we also encourage ECC volunteers compare ratings with data collected by GuideStar.



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