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(Editorial) The Significance of Defending Equality for Minorities

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Author: Bincheng Stéphane Mao, Chairman of the ECC

Almost all of my peers with non-western names have experienced our names being mispronounced and deep in our hearts, have always hoped that people around us will one day correctly pronounce our names.

A recent sociological study published in the Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Education titled “Teachers, Please Learn Our Names!: Racial Microaggressions and the K-12 Classrooms” finds that when students of color had their names mispronounced in the classroom, it severely affects their “social-emotional well-being” and by extension, “harms their ability to learn.” The study also concludes that mispronouncing the names of students of color “constituted a racial microaggression because it created shame and dissociation from their culture.”

Therefore, the East Coast Coalition is initiating Project Name Equality for Minorities. In this project, one component is to write weekly articles that illustrates the life of a non-white or minority person who greatly contributed to the advancement of societies. Through these articles, the ECC and I personally hope that all of us can grow a sense of appreciation and respect for everyone while also learning the correct pronunciations of non-western names.

These short articles will introduce the historical, social, and political impact of these non-western figures.

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