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Conversation with Peter MacKay, former Canadian Foreign Minister

Recently, Bincheng Mao sat down with Mr. Peter MacKay, former Canadian Minister of National Defense, Foreign Affairs, and Attorney General, to discuss solidarity with Ukraine, youth engagement in public service, and preserving trust in democratic institutions.

Cabinet Minister MacKay (R) with US Secretary Panetta and UK Prince Charles, Reuters

Our guest today is Hon. Peter MacKay, who has served as Canada's Foreign Minister, Defense Minister, and Attorney General. Regarded as the co-founder of the modern Conservative Party of Canada, he led the historic negotiation that resulted in the merger of the PC Party and the Canadian Alliance in 2003. He served in the Canadian Parliament from 1997 to 2015.

Bincheng Mao moderates this interview with Mr. MacKay. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Inclusion Advocate and founder of the East Coast Coalition for Tolerance and Non-Discrimination (ECC). Under his leadership, ECC has mobilized young volunteers from across the country to serve minorities struggling to access health care and other social services during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Inclusion Advocate - Unscripted is an interview series produced by the East Coast Coalition for Tolerance and Non-Discrimination (ECC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting democracy, minority inclusion, and public service.



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