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Rescue Ukraine: How to Help Refugees with Disabilities

The fate of Ukrainians with disabilities is "a crisis within a crisis," Reuters reported on March 11. There are over 2.7 million people with disabilities in Ukraine, all of whom face immediate threats to their lives as a result of the Russian invasion. The world cannot leave Ukrainians with disabilities behind, period.

Ukrainian refugees with disabilities face serious threat, La Prensa Latinas

ECC is urgently calling on everyone to support organizations helping refugees with disabilities. Here is a list of organizations that you can consider supporting.

Humanity & Inclusion: This charitable organization has been refugees from conflict-stricken areas, especially people suffering from physical injuries and disabilities. It has launched the Ukraine appeal fund will help deliver emergency aid to refugees displaced by the conflict.

Fight for Right is another organization that is helping Ukrainians with disabilities who are on the ground or trying to evacuate. Since the full-scale Russian invasion began, people with disabilities have faced great challenging to relocate and evaluate because of a lack of transport. It is crucial for us to support on-the-ground efforts to evacuate those in need.



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