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Conversation with Dr. Sherry Glied: Health Care Equity and Public Service

Updated: May 2

In a conversation with ECC, Dean Glied of NYU Wagner discusses her public service career and shares her insights into promoting health care equity for the underprivileged.

Our guest today is Dr. Sherry Glied, Dean of the Wagner School of Public Service at NYU. She served as Assistant Secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services during the Obama administration. Previously, she also served as Senior Economist for health care and labor market policy on the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, under both President George H. W. Bush and President Bill Clinton, and participated in the Clinton Health Care Task Force.

Bincheng Mao, founder of the nonprofit East Coast Coalition for Tolerance (ECC), serves as the moderator. As a global awardee of Clinton Foundation's COVID-19 Student Action Fund, Bincheng launched the "Equitable Health Care Access for Minorities" project, assisting 85,000+ minorities with language barriers in seeking medical attention.



Unscripted is an interview series produced by the East Coast Coalition for Tolerance and Non-Discrimination (ECC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting inclusion and equity for marginalized minorities.

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