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(Mandarin) Los Angeles新冠检测合集-少数族裔援助计划

Translation: Charlotte Wu, Bincheng Mao

(Mandarin) Los Angeles新冠检测合集-帮助少数族裔计划pd

All information above was translated by ECC volunteers with the intention of helping minorities get the tests they need during this pandemic. Please refer to the offical websites of the hospitals for most up-to-date, accurate information. Copyright belongs to the original institutions. ECC as an organization is not liable for any potential issues with the information collected and translated.

以上信息由ECC志愿者翻译完成,用以在疫情期间帮助少数族裔居民。一切信息请以医院官方网站为准, 原始文件版权归属医院。


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