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      Our Leadership

Bincheng Mao

Founder, President of the Board

Determined to establish ECC after witnessing xenophobic incidents in New York, Bincheng leads the organization as President to combat the marginalization of minorities. He works closely with board directors, partners, college representatives, conducting social equity projects and coordinating legislative outreach. 


Bincheng is deeply concerned about minority inclusion and equity. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Bincheng launched ECC’s Minority Defense Initiative after witnessing the rise of racist sentiments. In 2020, he led ECC to partner with Asia Society, a Rockefeller institution, and held the “Stand Against Racism In the Time of COVID” forum. Bincheng served as a guest speaker along with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, Congressman Ted Lieu, former UN World Food Program Executive Director Josette Sheeran, and renowned singer Wang Leehom. Meanwhile, Bincheng also organized ECC’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Initiative, fundraising and donating over $30,000 in PPE to frontline hospitals serving uninsured and underinsured communities, such as Yale-New Haven Hospital, and MLK Jr. Community Hospital.


As ECC President, Bincheng has testified before the New York State Senate Annual Budget Forum in Manhatten to push for legislative reforms to improve the lives of marginalized minority children in public schools. He has been named to Forbes Magazine's 30 Under 30 list and inducted into the World Economic Forum Global Shapers community.

Mariam Pitan

Project Assistant


Mariam serves as the advisor of communications and director of project coordination for the ECC, devoted to facilitating the project of Name Equality for Minorities. As an American of Nigerian ancestry, Mariam understands the sense of isolation from one's home culture when her non-western name is mispronounced. She is excited to raise the public's awareness of this critical issue by participating in this project.


Majoring in English and minoring in communications at New York University, Mariam closely works with the project team by offering suggestions on intercultural and multi-linguistic communications. She also coordinates with the publicity division in affairs pertaining to journalism, electronic media, and radio broadcasting.

Bincheng Mao

Rizwan Amir

Editor of Inclusion Advocate


Rizwan serves as the head of the Financial Division of the East Coast Coalition for Tolerance and Non-Discrimination (ECC). He is responsible for overseeing and presenting budgets, accounts, and financial statements to the board. He also works closely with the policy team by organizing fundraising events and public awareness-raising campaigns.

Rizwan cares deeply about people whose lives may be disadvantaged due to their national origins. As the son of immigrant parents, he understands the nature of national origin intolerance and is dedicated to reducing it for the betterment of society.

Dr. Yelizaveta Raykhlina

Social Impact Advisor


Dr. Raykhlina, Clinical Professor of Liberal Studies at New York University, advises the board chair of the East Coast Coalition for Tolerance and Non-Discrimination (ECC). 

Prior to coming to New York University, Dr. Raykhlina received her Ph.D. in History from Georgetown University.  Her research interests include the cultural history of Imperial Russia in the long nineteenth century, the development of Russian philosophy in the European context, and the intellectual discourse behind the Russian exploration and conquest of Central Asia. Her current project focuses on commercial publishing from about 1830 to the early 1860s and analyzes the propagation of so-called “middle-class values” in several popular and emphatically non-elite mass-circulation periodicals.

Deeply concerned about social justice, Professor Raykhlina joins the ECC as a faculty sponsor to the "Name Equality for Minorities" Project. This project has since received the NYU Social Impact Grant. 

Constantine Hatzis

Editor of Inclusion Advocate


Born to Mexican and Greek parents, Constantine is exposed to the concept of national origin early in his life. As a history and philosophy major at New York University. He is deeply concerned about social welfare. Constantine and therefore appreciates the vision of the East Coalition. Constantine works closely with Coalition Chair. Bincheng Mao.


As the policy division director of the East Coast Coalition for Tolerance and Non-Discrimination (ECC), Constantine researches past governmental legislation regarding national origin discrimination and draft feasible policy suggestions.


Blanche Luya Zhang

The Inclusion Advocate Marketing Assisatnt

Dr. Jason Rosé
Advisor, COVID-19 Health Care Access Equity for Minorities Project 


I am Luya Zhang, currently studying Visual Art and Art History at Columbia University. Prior to joining the East Coast Coalition for Tolerance and Non-Discrimination (ECC), I served as a Graphic Design Intern for Scholar Launch, an educational institution, working closely with the marketing team to develop social media content and graphics.


As the marketing officer of the ECT, I will employ my marketing experiences in public organizations to better serve marginalized communities through publications of in-depth articles. I will also work as an editor to the Coalition Times, sharing my insights on societal issues to you all. 


Dr. Rosé joined the East Coast Coalition for Tolerance and Non-Discrimination (ECC) in 2020, serving as the chief consultant to the ECC's efforts in conveying accurate and effective analysis regarding COVID-19.

Previously, Dr. Rosé received a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University after completing his Ph.D. in Pharmacology at the University of California, San Francisco.

Fascinated by the research of diseases and their historical, social implications, Dr. Rosé devotes his time to the education of epidemiological methods and the history of the disease. He focuses on the impact of eight major infectious diseases of the human population with an emphasis on how epidemiology can help us understand the impact of diseases on human societies. He integrates the biological, historical and sociological aspects of diseases to demonstrate the broad impact of human disease and the lessons it can teach us for dealing with modern challenges. Dr. Rosé is particularly fascinated by virology, having studied HIV during his graduate work.

Robert Wang

​Special Project Assistant 


As the legal division director and policy team coordinator of the East Coast Coalition for Tolerance and Non-Discrimination (ECC), Bob is responsible for researching relevant laws to the coalition's activities. He also facilitates the policy team's analysis of the effect of unfairness on social efficiency and past governmental legislation regarding national origin discrimination.


Bob Wang is deeply concerned about the impact of public policies on ordinary people. As an experienced debater and Model United Nations delegate, Bob endeavors to treat people from different nations equally and respectfully.


Through years of policy negotiations, he has learned that non-national origin discrimination should be a precondition to cross-cultural exchanges. Bob believes that our world would be better when people’s characters matter more than their or their parents’ birthplaces. Currently, Bob closely works with the Coalition's "Name Equality for Minorities" project.

Jonathan Ojangole 

Representative of Carlton University (Canada)


Jonathan Ojangole is the representative of Carlton University at ECC and Project Coordinator for environmental justice. Originally from Uganda, Ojangole is majoring in software engineering and minoring in economics and physics at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Ojangole is dedicated to employing his skills to make a positive impact on society. Seeing more and more people having internet access today, he hopes to use software engineering to shape a better community and eventually a global society. 


He is also the co-Founder of The BrickeT Energy Campaign, an initiative aimed at distributing eco-friendly cooking solutions to households and institutions in Kampala, Uganda with the aim to tackling the rampant respiratory diseases due to unsustainable cooking methods.

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